Funded by North End Arts Rising (NEAR) as well as by its sponsors and members, The Buttonwood Tree (TBT) is a performing arts and cultural center located in Middletown, Connecticut.

While “Rooted in the Arts,” The Buttonwood Tree’s programming transcends the arts from the obvious into the subtle areas of people’s lives, enriching and empowering patrons to be better citizens.

We are a meeting place where folks of different walks of life casually gather to share and grow in many aspects of life. We’re continuing in our predecessor’s footsteps to develop TBT as a place where people get connected to others, nurturing that sense of community. We meet to share meals, we stimulate each other to be civically active, we education through workshops and classes, and we challenge preconceived notions by creatively combining genres of music and art for unique presentations. We entice people to be expressive – to let their creative genius blossom – and become all that they can be.

When individuals grow in character and personal achievements, so will the community that embraces them. The Buttonwood Tree has become a mainstay on Middletown’s Main Street, and we welcome you to our community.

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