Double Bill: Humble Tripe and Carolann Ames

8 pm   $10
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Durham, NC’s Humble Tripe came to form as the music project of Shawn Luby.  Luby, who spent 15 years as a young competitive classical guitar player, walked away from performance at age 20.  He emerged ten years later as a song writer, perfecting the combination of haunting musical sensibility with equally matched insight into the stories of the human heart. He is joined by Berklee College of Music graduate,Stud Green, on violin and mandolin, and Jess Shell on percussion instruments including the gamalon, tamborine, and melodica.Website Link:
Humble Tripe brings its acoustic music to the Northeast, delighting audiences with a performance that is sure to be an emotionally moving, captivating and memorable experience.Combining modern americana/folk/pop with the delicacy and movement found in their classical roots, Humble Tripe embraces tender, plaintive melodies that waver between introspection and jubilance, capturing the liminality of love, exhilaration, and the many spaces in between.


“The voice of Shawn Luby, who leads Humble Tripe, is rich like loam, its low tones gilded above by incandescent flashes of something a bit feminine. Think a sonorous young dylan migrating to Anacortes, Wash., and singing with more soul than everybody else in that lo-fi land.” –Independent Weekly, Durham, NC


Carolann Ames — with her riveting, angelic vocals and superlative, prize-winning songwriting — launches her fifth self-released CD, the smart, soaring, unforgettable LAUREL CANYON ROAD, in January 2012. In the meantime, the down-to-earth, hard-working artist continues a relentless touring schedule with her backing band — Steve Peavey on guitar, mandolin, pedal steel, banjo and vocals; Melissa Harley on fiddle; Ken Dow on bass and vocals; and drummer Rob Hooper — taking the fresh, heartfelt, Celtic,  bluegrass, country, R&B, pop, Southern soul- and rock-flavored originals on the disc to waiting fans. “To me, a live show is about the audience,” she says. Born in Wyoming and raised in Texas with family music makers all around, Ames’ “trouble child” ways led her to emotional writing and trend-bucking arrangements that mark her acoustic, Americana sound.


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