Kids Arts Summer Camp

Our city government, through the Middletown Commission on the Arts, continues to support NEAR with a grant to facilitate a summer camp, Kids Arts. This 5-week program for 60 children, ages 6-14, is the major way NEAR reaches the youth of our community. Through this camp, we help children identify their innate skills, develop their creative abilities, and build their interest and appreciation for the Arts.

The 2010 Kids Arts Summer Camp finished up on Wednesday, August 4th with a presentation held at The Buttonwood Tree. Families, friends, commissioners and lots of children filled our space as children sang and talked about their experiences, revealing their developing talents, artwork, and a newspaper called The Inside Scoop.

Watch Kids Arts 2010 “Reveal” Celebration August 4th, 2010 on You Tube


Exuberant Children Mural


Some of the children’s artwork will remain at TBT, newspapers can be found here and you can also see a bit of last year’s work hanging from our ceiling. Come by when we’re open, or during our events to check it all out!

North End Arts Rising (NEAR), facilitates this program and is grateful to the city for the opportunity to work with these 60 children every summer.

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