How You Can Help

Well firstly, we hope you keep us in your heart and on your calendar. Come to our events & bring your friends!

Of course there are things that we need that you may have laying around your house:

  • Used books – we like to rotate our stock and keep it fresh
  • Interesting art that we can sell
  • PIANO – baby grand in great playing condition so we can have classical concerts and give the accomplished pianists a piano worthy of their expertise. A great sounding piano means a better sounding concert! (we’re not fussy about how it looks, just how solid an instrument it is).

And there are things you can do to help us:

  • Volunteer your time and your expertise. There are areas we are seeking aid with such as: mailing out letters, marketing, manning the bookstore during the day so we can remain open more hours, carpentry, organizing, grant research and writing, fund-raising or helping with concessions during events. If you are interested in helping out in any of these areas we would love to talk with you about it.
  • Make a financial contribution anytime you are able to. Now you can do that easily right here through this website!
  • Consider North End Arts Rising, Inc. when planning your estate. We can have someone who understands estate planning sit with you to discuss how you can leave a Living Legacy in your name (or not) for the good of others. There are many tax advantages you may want to consider while taking care of these issues.

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