Annual Appeal 2020

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The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center, in its various incarnations, has been enlivening the Main Street Middletown community for over thirty years. With over 5200 adults attending events from July to June 2020 we also served 224 youth,12 program facilitators, over 30 volunteers and hundreds more online. Local, US and international artists of all sorts have performed here, bringing their craft to thousands every year. We love our town and this great state, and are proud to be an enriching element of the North End community and to all those throughout the world who partake in our offerings and perform for us. Our continued existence is owed to the many generous and creative volunteers, from all over Connecticut.


We are now confronted with unprecedented challenges of the global pandemic. But as is our style, we consider the current realities as an extraordinary opportunity as well. ‘Wait, something good to come of all this?’ you may ask. Yes! We believe there is! With the financial and volunteer support of you, our audience and participants, we are positioning ourselves to provide an array of online entertainment, cultural engagements, and programs for our personal well-being to all. We may be quarantined or socially restricted, but we certainly shouldn’t be isolated! Imagine with a click of your mouse having access to a library of past Buttonwood Tree performances. Or ‘tuning in’ on a Friday night for world class, live jazz; or Saturday afternoon to hear local poets performing their original works.


The Buttonwood Tree, with an earnest investment in equipment and technology, will transition to a whole new system of online and streaming programming. We have already begun with the research and have volunteers who are expert in the requisite technologies to transform The Buttonwood Tree space to an online, world wide presence. Additionally we’ll revamp our performance space to accommodate a small number of audience “pods” comfortably and safely, thus giving our performers a live audience. Revenue from our online services will subsidize our shows and allow us to continue offering our concerts and bring in world-class performers as well as local and emerging musicians, poets and other artists.


The possibilities are endless and ‘the world is our oyster’! We thank you for being on this journey with us, and hope you’ll continue! Together, we’ll make it better, brighter and bolder! Already we’ve seen musicians and storytellers from New York, Arizona and Australia on our Open Mic programs, we’re excited to see who else will join us.


Please donate to our Annual Appeal today and join with us on our journey!



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