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May Art Show
"Water Music"

“All physical life comes from water. For me, so does emotional life, particularly in the time of COVID. Being by water calms me. Its (usually) gentle flow, steady rhythm, and soothing sound relax, refresh, and rejuvenate me.

Water is like a sponge. It absorbs and reflects whatever it comes in contact with. This includes color, which can come from sunlight hitting the water; sunlight bouncing off the bottom of a body of water; sunlight hitting objects in the water, under the water, by the water. If there is no or little sun, there is still color, just different ones.

Water creates calm. Its colors create energy. Who doesn’t react to seeing vivid colors!? The calm imparted by water creates flow and direction for the energy generated by its color. The water flows. So do we.

In this project called WATER MUSIC, I hope to show the calm flow of water and the energy of its colors. I also hope that the project helps its viewers to find calm and flow for their energy.”

April Art Show
"Scene Through the Lens"

Brian Gray’s photography ranges from landscape, street, still life, and macro with a special interest in birds mostly in the local area. While self trained, Gray has taken advantage of on-line resources and camera club activities. He is based in Wallingford with his wife Laurie.

Brian’s exhibit, is a fund raiser for  the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for relief in Ukraine. 

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January - March Art Show
"Paintings by William Bonnie"

Bill Bonnie paints and draws, inspired by his time on vacation, family, and friends. His paintings range from sports to landscapes, with dreamy strokes in the background and a blend of reality with enchantment. After high school, Bonnie trained at the Paier College of Art in Hamden CT and did one year of technical school for carpentry. While working for the City of Waterbury and a Law Firm for several years, Bonnie has managed to work on his art, often gifting or selling pieces. He recently moved to Middletown with his wife and feels grateful for having his art collection displayed for the first time.

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December Art Show
Jacqueline Peterson

Jackie Peterson is a New Englander, born and raised in Connecticut where the changing seasons offer exciting compositions to paint. Flowers, landscape and still life’s have been her subjects but she also does commissions of gardens, homes, animals and portraits.

Jackie graduated from Hartford Art School (BFA) in 1990 as a middle-ager. Her passion is to continue learning and experimenting with new painting techniques.
She enjoys teaching art with private students and the elderly population. Her residence in Middletown is her home and open by appointment and Open House during the holidays.

Past exhibits and shows include Ursels Web, Middletown, CT; HAS Gallery, Hartford, CT;  Celebrations Art Gallery, Pomfert, CT;  Pegassus Gallery, Middletown, CT;  Lyme Art Association, Old Lyme, CT;  Hospital for Special Care, New Britain, CT;  with outdoor shows in the towns of Madison, Glastonbury, Milford, Mystic, Stamford, Mass and Vermont.

November Art Show
"Art From the Heart"

Artworks were created in the art program at Futures, which strives to change “the future for students and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through artistic expression and small business development,” according to a news release. Those enrolled are given “the opportunity to experiment with different artistic mediums to discover their passions and preferred creative outlets,” the announcement said.

“Futures Inc. empowers individuals to establish a micro enterprise to sell their artwork and gain local exposure for their work through events and exhibitions,” it continued.

“With art, the possibilities for creativity and self-expression are endless,” Futures Director Denise Smith said in the statement. “The creative work coming out of The Art Center goes a long way in demonstrating the unique abilities and economic opportunities for individuals with IDD. Each consumer’s development has been a joy to see, and their work belongs alongside other great local artists at the Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center.”

Futures programs provide educational support, mentoring, transition planning, job training and placement, independent living and recreation, and community volunteerism for students and adults. For information, email

October Art Show
"The Shore and More"

Until January 2006, Bill had not picked up a paint brush for over forty years when he was back in middle school. In the back of his mind, Bill had thought about trying painting and had picked up some inexpensive paints, brushes and canvases the summer before, but those had lingered in the closet until one January day when no one was home. A small, hesitant painting from a photograph of a boulder in the Hammonasset surf of Long Island Sound was the beginning.

While Bill’s painting ability lay dormant for decades, it is a talent possibly drawn from his genetic pool. Great-great grandfather James Barton Longacre was the chief engraver for the United States Mint (he designed the Indian Head Penny). Bill’s grandmother, Breta Longacre DelMar, and great aunt, Lydia Longacre (never got meet either of them), were both accomplished painters and members of the Old Lyme Art colony at the Florence Griswold House (now the Florence Griswold Museum).

Bill am primarily drawn to New England seascapes and landscapes these days, using acrylics on canvas and on board. He primarily works from his own photographs (please see my Flickr page) in his home studio.

You may also see Bill’s paintings through his Flickr site, which may be an easier way to see them all, if you are so inclined.

September Art Show
"Standing on the Shoulders"

Working in both Representative and Non-Representative Abstract, and with paintings homed by private collectors throughout the country, I am constantly pushing myself into new areas of exploration. While I create art that is solely representative of something deeper within me, my hope is that it will make you pay attention, affecting you emotionally in some way. The end results are one-of-a-kind paintings that most certainly reside outside of expectations.

The title of my exhibit, “Standing On The Shoulders” is a nod to all the artists I’ve ever experienced,  learned from, viewed, and have taken the time to guide me, whether knowingly or not. I would not be where I am today without them, and everything I do as an artist, I do while standing on their shoulders.

June Art Show
"Cosmic Portals"

“When an artist’s mind explodes with creativity, what that artist creates… explodes upon the canvas.” – A. Wallach

I use centrifugal force to create a cosmic fulmination of chaos and harmony in one exact moment. Each painting, erupts with mystical vibrancy, and is infused with and inspired by music, each painting a self portrait of my own thoughts.

March Art Show
International Women's Day

Che' La'Mora

Che’ La’Mora is a Creative Artist and an Indie-Author who loves to draw, write, and paint. She expresses her creativity through photography, painting, experimenting with textures, and through poetry. Che’ directed and founded Procreate Artist Group which was active for 8 years; a multi-culturally diverse group of artists based in Connecticut. She has been creating art all of her life and believes art is not limited to one type of medium or to the use of the traditional canvas. Che’ feels it is important to make an impact by inspiring others to explore their own creativity and purpose.

Jasmine Jones

 Jasmine Jones is a photographer and filmmaker currently based in Hartford, Connecticut. Her work focuses on daily life, overlooked moments, and ignored communities. Her goal is to showcase those who should be seen and heard and to use her art as an outlet for them to tell their own stories. She is the founder and publisher of Aislin Magazine, an arts and culture magazine based in Hartford, CT dedicated to showcasing new and established talent in art, fashion, writing, and music, as well as other independent groups and businesses.,,

Brian Gray’s photography ranges from landscape, street, still life, and macro with a special interest in birds mostly in the local area. While self trained, Gray has taken advantage of on-line resources and camera club activities. He is based in Wallingford with his wife Laurie.

Brian’s exhibit, is a fund raiser for  the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for relief in Ukraine.