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June Art Show
"Cosmic Portals" by Andrew Wallach

“When an artist’s mind explodes with creativity, what that artist creates… explodes upon the canvas.”

– A. Wallach

I use centrifugal force to create a cosmic fulmination of chaos and harmony in one exact moment. Each painting, erupts with mystical vibrancy, and is infused with and inspired by music, each painting a self portrait of my own thoughts.

March Art Show - International Women's Day

Che' La'Mora

Che’ La’Mora is a Creative Artist and an Indie-Author who loves to draw, write, and paint. She expresses her creativity through photography, painting, experimenting with textures, and through poetry. Che’ directed and founded Procreate Artist Group which was active for 8 years; a multi-culturally diverse group of artists based in Connecticut. She has been creating art all of her life and believes art is not limited to one type of medium or to the use of the traditional canvas. Che’ feels it is important to make an impact by inspiring others to explore their own creativity and purpose.

Jasmine Jones

 Jasmine Jones is a photographer and filmmaker currently based in Hartford, Connecticut. Her work focuses on daily life, overlooked moments, and ignored communities. Her goal is to showcase those who should be seen and heard and to use her art as an outlet for them to tell their own stories. She is the founder and publisher of Aislin Magazine, an arts and culture magazine based in Hartford, CT dedicated to showcasing new and established talent in art, fashion, writing, and music, as well as other independent groups and businesses.,,