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The Buttonwood Tree Photo Contest

In Honor of Edward Friedman

Check out the entries from the talented photographers who have participated.

2020 has brought us difficult and tumultuous times. Looking for the goodness around us will help us to deal with life in a more positive, productive and successful way. We wish to encourage you by providing this opportunity to seek it out. Where do YOU see the Light?

Edward Friedman came to The Buttonwood Tree in 2017 with the idea that he wanted to share his images of the North End of Middletown with others. His mission was to reveal the beauty and diversity of our neighborhood over the course of a year through his photographs. An amateur photographer, he worked with Buttonwood’s executive director, Anne-Marie McEwen, to choose photos to display from the hundreds he had. He held a showcase, his first ever, in the summer of 2018. His friends and family came and it brought great joy to Ed to experience his work being seen. He came in after the photo exhibit and donated an image of daffodils to TBT, expressing his gratitude for what we had provided for him. It still hangs above the desk, a reminder of his gentle spirit and love for Middletown’s North End community.

1. This contest is open to all people.


  • Send a JPEG or PNG, no larger than 5 megabytes, by email to
  • TITLE EVERY IMAGE with your First initial, underscore, Last name, underscore, name of photo. For example: B_Jones_cat. or R_Davis_sunset. In the email also include your name.
  • Fill out a registration form on our website and submit with your payment. NO PHOTOS will be accepted without properly filled-in registration or identification.

3. Ages 18 and Older: entry is $10., 3 photos for $25. Or 10 for $50. (per individual)
Ages 17 and Under, entry is $5 per entry, 3 for $10. Or 10 for $35. Photos must have been taken by the youth.

4. Scholarships are available to residents of Middletown, thanks to a grant from the Middletown Commission on the Arts– contact us for details.

5. There are awards in each age group (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) in each of the following categories:

  • People
  • Places (landscapes, buildings …)
  • Things (living or not, includes animals)

6. PARTICULAR CONSIDERATION will be given to photographs taken in Middletown, CT. A special gift will be awarded for an image voted best for “Finding The Light in Middletown” – taken in Middletown, in both the adult and youth age groups.

7. All winning images will be printed and framed by TBT and (this printed version) will become the property of TBT.  Entrants retain all rights to original images.

8. An exhibition of winning photographs will take place in the spring of 2021.

9. Entries will be judged based on: Relation to theme, Originality, Creativity and Composition

10. Winners will be announced by email, and then to the general public via our website, Social Media pages and newspaper.

11. The last date for entry is APRIL 1, 2020

12. NO PHOTOS will be accepted without proper registration, payment and properly identified images.

13. NO REFUNDS. If you have questions about the registration form, or anything, please contact us at, or call (860) 347-4957. You can also upload your photos via the links below.

Youth Entry

Photo Entry Checkout

Adult Entry

Photo Entry Checkout

Youth Entry Form

Adult Entry Form