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Align with Source Workshop ~ 2022 ~ Experiencing Oneness From & In Your Heart

March 19 @ 10:30 am - 12:15 pm

This group of life-learners meets Saturdays, 10:30am – 12:15pm
Please register in advance $10. (1st session Free!)
Do join us for our Saturday Morning Meeting of ‘Align with Source ~ 2022 ~ Experiencing Oneness From & In Your Heart. Rising Above, Holding the Space, Being in Your Truth. Oneness allows you to achieve these states of Being. Explore & acknowledge your Inner responses and beliefs to daily situations. Discover that you are far more than you ever imagined, a Being capable of great Love. 5th dimensional Oneness calls for us to look at all of our ‘separation consciousness’ and shift away from the thinking that keeps us bound in grief, suffering, shame, lack, blame and guilt. Humanity is so much larger than the pitiful identity we cling to. You as a Human are transitioning into the magnificent Being you truly are, and like a caterpillar, must now shed the false skin. Your Light is more powerful than you can imagine so why not take that bold step in turning the switches of Oneness on! So consider all those aspects in life that keep you stuck and ask yourself, ‘how does it serve you?’ Let’s do this together in Love and Light.

Now, as our world experiences major events, let us all hold only love in our hearts as we shower all key areas and our entire world with the purest love of Oneness. The Peace within each one of us is required by Humanity, Our World and Earth at this time. More than ever before, our world needs your Light and unconditional Love!

I will be back and looking forward to seeing you all! Do join us for our Saturday Morning Meeting of ‘Align with Source ~ Living LIGHT & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE’. Light only knows ONE, it shines regardless of what it comes up against. You, my dear friend, are this most powerful Light. As we emerge from the space of deep inner-work, let us take our Light out into the world. It is time. It is now that the world needs your Love. You have shed the skin of the caterpillar, & must now spread your magnificent butterfly wings, touching all with your wisdom. Your Light is more powerful than you can imagine so why not take that bold step in turning the switches of Oneness on! So consider all those aspects in life that keep you stuck and ask yourself, ‘how does it serve you?’ Let’s do this together in Love and Light.

As our world and Mother Earth make a leap, you, dear friend, are making it happen. Comprehend more deeply the full scope of your presence here at this moment, and see the flower of your life blossom. Become a conscious participant in our growth to understanding and peace. There is no past, and there is no future, but only the here and now. Welcome, assimilate and integrate it into your consciousness. Be the Light you are! 2022 gives us opportunities never before have imagined, urging us to embrace the One of our Highest Self and thus the ALL. Be guided by your Heart and then fear not. There is huge cosmic support to help us through this phenomenal period. You are one of our world’s great Souls who chose to assist Earth & Humanity in moving into and creating a world shining in higher consciousness, of the 5th Dimension. This brings great growth, wisdom & rewards. You are to be commended for being here. Begin creating now!

Our weekly spiritual meetings are each unique & offer a special place where you will find many answers that help unlock hidden truths & your direction. Each meeting closes with a meditation. Sharing during meetings is strongly encouraged and so on occasion we might extend slightly over the 12 noon time set. We request your understanding in this. Our meetings are open to all, by invitation, so do feel free to invite your friends, if you wish. Forward this to others, or email me with their email ID to request an invitation.

We deeply appreciate your continued support, and thank you for your energy exchange at Venmo@Annaita-Gandhy or which makes it possible for us to continue to serve you. To connect with us, please click the zoom link below. In consideration of other participants we request you to please put your video and mic off when you are moving around. Thank you!

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Meeting ID: 827 0537 8789
Passcode: 224154


March 19
10:30 am - 12:15 pm
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