The Buttonwood Tree

Get a Gig / Show Your Art

The Buttonwood Tree (TBT) has been around since 1989 – over 30 years and counting. We have a great reputation locally and around the globe as an intimate listening room, where all performers and artists are valued, respected and warmly-welcomed. Our audiences, no matter the size, are attentive and appreciative. Thus, we are blessed with a plethora of performers asking for an opportunity to showcase their talents here.

We focus on bringing uplifting, positively-charged programming. Occasionally we have to turn down very talented artists of all genres because we feel that they are not quite the best fit. Before you apply, ask yourself if your artistry is predominantly positive or not.  This does not mean every poem, song or piece of art needs to be about flowers and birds!  We just don’t want to focus on the sad, minor keys of life. We prefer performances that have variety, humor and interaction with the audience. Sing-alongs, for example, are simply delicious!

Our philosophy is that we all want to be happy and loved and focusing on the positive is the best way to achieve that. That doesn’t mean that the sad or negative parts of life are not valuable, necessary or to be respected, they surely are. Those times are our greatest teachers, what inspire us to seek more joy and health …  We just choose not to focus on those aspects of life here. There are plenty of places you can go for that. Our aim is to keep TBT a place where JOY reigns and LOVE is felt at all times!

If you would like to perform here, please send us an email with “Booking-Folk” in the subject line (or whatever your bent / genre is) ie: “Booking-Jazz” or “Booking-Storyteller”.  Email to  We prefer electronic submissions.

Please Include:

  • A description of who you are / short bio
  • What you will present here at TBT   (if you have a band but are traveling solo – be clear about that)
  • Links to your work – representative of what you propose to bring here
  • A timeframe of your preference
  • Contact info – cell phone and email

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Sometimes we are inundated and emails get by us. If you haven’t heard from us within a few weeks, feel free to write again. Resending the same email is fine. We apologize that we can’t return all emails faster!  Thank you!.