Get Involved

Once you start participating in The Buttonwood Tree, you may want to demonstrate your support of our community a bit further. Ways to “join” TBT include:

Make a Donation

The Buttonwood is a nonprofit organization and we are able to provide a place for artists because of wonderful donations! We accept donations through TD Bank, Paypal, and Amazon Smile. 


Become a Member

We offer several tiers of membership. Each tier had many benefits. These benefits include discounts to shows and business in the area. 

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Become a Volunteer

We love our volunteers. Whether it is helping out with administrative work, helping with shows or helping with community reach, we couldn't run without them. 

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Social Media & Email

Follow us on social media! It is a great way to watch our live shows, learn about new events, and keep up with the latest news! You can also sign up for our email newsletter. 

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