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“CAPTURE THE VIBES” 2023 Photography Contest

Sponsored By The Middletown Commission on the Arts & The Buttonwood Tree Board of Directors

Thank you to our esteemed judges, Matthew Kabel, Kate Avalone, and William De Kine. without whom we would not have this beautiful show. They donated their professional skill to provide us the winners. 


Kyle Lee (Bay City's Other Bridge)

1. Category: TREES
1st place – Beth Emery (Eagles Alight)
2nd place – Ken Marceau (Winter Solstice)
3rd place – Dean Bolt (Beech Leaves Ice)

2. Category: PERFORMANCE
1st place – Don Logie (Rollicking on the Keys)
2nd place – Don Logie (Double Play)
3rd place – Ken Marceau (Fireball)

3. Category: HAPPINESS
1st place – Stephen Lane (My Child’s First Day of School)
2nd place – Don Logie (Singing With Joy)
3rd place – Maria Johnson (Happy in Venice)

1st place – Kyle Lee (Bay City’s Other Bridge)
2nd place – Ken Marceau (The Vessel)
3rd place – Mark Orensteen (In Havana)

5. Category: HUMAN POWER
1st place – Ken Marceau (Accelerate)
2nd place – Beth Emery (A Grand Ride)
3rd place – Maria Johnson (In Motion In Venice)

6. Category: MOTION
1 st place – Ken Marceau (Airborne)
2nd place – Michael Beck (Propulsion)
3rd place – Gary Keating (White Egret on Takeoff)

Honorable Mention – Eros Preston (Jamie Festival)

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