The Buttonwood Tree

'Set Your Conscious Free' Poetry Contest

In Honor of Susan Allison, Founder of The Buttonwood Tree
and Barbara Payne


– Open to submissions: April 1
– Submission deadline: June 30, 2022    ( 11:59pm)
– 1 poem per person
– There is no fee to submit.
– Open to anyone ages 16 and up.
– Applications taken online or by mail and must include completed Entry Form. Incomplete forms may be disqualified. Mail to The Buttonwood Tree, P.O. Box 71, Middletown, CT 06457
– Original works only (no plagiarism)
– Do not write your name on the poem, only list on entry form
– Submissions in English only
– No offensive, vulgar or inappropriate language

Poems will be judged on:
– Clarity of meaning, accessibility
– Creative imagery and words
– Uniform structure (pick a style and stick with it)
– Move us, pique the emotion of reader
– Teach us something
– No published poems
– Length of 25 words to 250 words (poem title not included)
– Winner $100. and Congratulatory ribbon
– 2nd Place – $50. and Congratulatory ribbon
– 3rd Place – $25. and Congratulatory ribbon
– Honorable Mentions – Congratulatory ribbon


Entry Form