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There are many great reasons to become a partner with a 501(c)3 organization like The Buttonwood Tree. Here are the Top 4:

Reason 1: Inexpensive advertising for your business:

Depending on the amount of your sponsorship donation, your branding will appear on our website, ticket pages, printed calendars and flyers, and verbally during weekend showcases.

Reason 2: Make shows more accessible:

We currently charge $15 to 20 for concerts. Your sponsorship could enable us to offer reduced admission for students and residents of the North End that wouldn’t be able to afford admission otherwise. Lower ticket prices will make shows more accessible, increasing attendance, and more closely adhering to our mission statement.

Reason 3: Help provide competitive payout to artists:

We rely on door receipts to pay artists. Often, we have world-class acts agreeing to accept much less than their services are worth. Sponsoring an event will give more incentive to up and coming and high-end artists to perform at TBT.

Reason 4: Help us operate:

We rely on door receipts, concession sales, and donations for revenue on concert nights. Your sponsorship can cover event costs to help TBT make the most of event revenue.

How to Sponsor

Mail a check to The Buttonwood Tree PAC, P.O. Box 71, Middletown, CT 06457, or make a donation on our Network for Good page at any of the following levels:

Many thanks to our generous supporters who help us to continuously provide arts & culture to the Middletown community:

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