The Buttonwood Tree

5 Ways to Participate in The Human Room Open Voice

1. Attend monthly live event every second Sunday 4 PM ET.

⦁ Bring your presence and share your benevolent self.
⦁ Speak your mind. This is an open microphone for free-speech individuals.
⦁ Share your art, music, spoken mind, etc.
⦁ Share your benevolent nonprofit.
⦁ Share your community organization.

2. Submit your contribution to humankind


  1. Upload video to YouTube or Google Drive.
  2. Google Drive -> Right click file -> Get Link -> Share with We do not have access to your files.
  3. YouTube -> Share link to public or private video from your channel.
Remember that no files will be shared outside of The Human Room Open Voice events without express consent from participants.

3. Invite / Share with Free Speech Individuals

Register as a free speech individual

4. Share your nonprofit 401(3)(c) or community group

Share your ongoing benevolent contribution to the community. Register to speak at a live Human Room Open Voice event, and you will have a platform to let other participants know about what you do, who your serve, and how to get involved.

Recommend a nonprofit/community organization

Register for next live Zoom event (link posted soon)

Send us press kit/ information

5. Share on social media

Share us on any of the social media platforms below. More coming soon