The Buttonwood Tree


A Paradigm Living Art Form

Stage 1

An Open Microphone

Stage 2

Nonprofit Organizations & Community Groups, Experimental Art Forms

Stage 3

Free Speech Individuals

About The Founder CC Arshagra

"Born With a Sense of Soul"

Ironically, words fail to adequately describe CC Arshagra. He is the living embodiment of poetry, an artform personified, an activist for Humankind. His words reach into the corners of their meanings, gathered together in unique and unusual patterns, creating pictures that leave little doubt that at their very core is nothing but love. An altruistic entrepreneur from childhood, CC created a board game called Memory which Milton Bradley adopted as its own. He went on to develop a successful upholstery business only to give it up to save his family.

Gratitude looms large in CC’s life, and to this day, he is grateful for the many epic adventures and experiences he’s had. He’s especially grateful to Bonita Weisman and Contact Improvisation’s place in the world, “Its nonstop presence within my life lives central to my soul’s understanding of how one moves through life as a body in the space of eternal gratitude.”

CC has lived his life as an artistic expression of love, freedom and benevolence toward Life. He has created numerous platforms, programs, venue formats and opportunities to give people a place to reveal to the world their true self. It is his own loving and tender nature insisting people come from their highest and best self, out of love, not fear, so that we hurt no living being, not even Mother Earth herself – that forms the backbone of his latest project, The Human Room Open Voice. He encourages our question, “What does it mean to be human” and invites us to allow ourselves to be wrong. This tri-layered format, originally launched in Cambridge, MA years ago, asks us to “Not fail as a benevolent life form on a planet.”

The human room open voice (THROV)