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Our board member Nanette Fresher has started a new initiative to bring art opportunities to members of the Middletown community. She brings the easels and paint to the people, increasing foot traffic, bringing attention and pride to our town, in order to let the positivity GROW with ART. She comes not as an instructor, but as a friend who sees the artist in you! 
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Ryan Kalentkowski’s recent body of work examines personal relationships to birds by way of expressive mark-making through hand-painted woodcut print. The imagery is inspired by observation, interaction and symbolism, as well as their childhood obsession to study, mimic and share space with birds.

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Many thanks to our generous supporters who help us to continuously provide arts & culture to the Middletown community:

Thanks to Jessi Jara on her show Hyperfix, Thursday nights at 1AM, for plugging our local artists!