The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center

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Last update [September 25, 2023]: The Buttonwood Tree is a two room establishment. The performance area is flat, with ample room for mobility equipment, there is no elevated stage. All areas are wheelchair accessible. There is a significant incline from entrance door to lobby. I’m not sure why we still have this, but I will see if we can eliminate this.

Entreeways & Doors

Entry door to establishment is non-automatic, outward swinging, inside locking, latch on left side. Latch sticks.

Bathroom door is non-automatic, outward swinging, inside locking, latch on right side. Difficult to open from inside.

  • Entrance door width: inside locking, 35 inches wide
  • Bathroom door width: 35 inches
  • Entrance and bathroom door latch: right side, lever style, 38 inches from floor
  • Performance space archway width: 48 inches, no door

Bathroom  is unisex: door is non-automatic, outward swinging, latch on right side. Difficult to open from inside.

  • Edge of sink to right side wall: 51 inches
  • Sink height: 35.5 inches
  • Toilet height: 19 inches from floor to seat
  • 2 support bars: behind toilet, right wall. Can support full bodyweight. Exact capacity: TBA as soon as possible.
  • 1 grab bar: I have not tested this yet.
  • Bar height: 34.5 inches from floor
Bookstore / Lobby
  • Lobby carpeted, bookstore linoleum hardwood
  • Ample room for wheelchair access
  • Comfortably navigable when 2-3 people are in bookstore.
  • Can be difficult to navigate automatic chairs / scooters when attendance reaches 15-20.


Accomodations  / Courtesy / Policy

We maintain a gap of 3 feet between aisles in the performance space. We have a seating capacity of 35.

  • We are trying to work out reliable ASL accomodations. If you’d like to support this cause, email us.
  • Scent-free soaps available, other items available upon request
  • Mask policy available by individuals upon request.

For any additional accomodations, and/or resources, contact our events coordinator,

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