Thank you for considering a Volunteer position at The Buttonwood Tree! Please email Nanette at to find out more.

Please include the following information to get started:

  • Name and Preferred Pronouns
  • Reason for volunteering
  • Phone Number
  • Town of Residence
  • What is the best way to reach you?
  • (optional) See list below and indicate which you are interested in

Volunteer Options:

__ Greeter for events (handles credit cards, reservations)
__ Concessions: serving refreshments
__ Bookkeeping – QuickBooks experience preferred
__ Marketing: Designing posters, calendars
__ Outreach: Putting up posters around Middletown or other places
__ Bookstore support (onsite during the day)
__ General administrative / office support, includes simple data entry
__ Library: Organizing, sorting & cataloging books
__ Website assisting
__ Online marketing – loading our events to other websites
__ Grants
__ Fundraising
__ Technical assistance with sound system, or computers
__ Phone calling
__ Cleaning and maintenance at TBT