September Art Show

Victor Tellez

Victor Tellez considers art his entire life’s purpose. Using oil and acrylic paint, a variety of inks and paper, he creates images he hopes will stir something deep inside his audience and leave them feeling connected to themselves and each other.

Victor grew up in New Britain, as the son of two Mexican immigrant parents and as the eldest of two children. His family, both blood and found, are major impacts on his work and those close to him are regularly told they’ve been channeled in some capacity to fuel his work. The influence of his loving partner and friends can be seen often. Victor battles mental illness and the very common struggle of defining his own identity. He often attempts to use his work to convey experiences others might not know exactly but can relate to when faced with the images in color. Victor paints, draws and writes about love, identity, community, race, sex, struggle, mental illness, joy, fear, isolation, hope, and much much more.

This will be his first showcase displaying his work exclusively, although he currently has 2 pieces on display at Gallery 66 in New Britain and intends to show much more frequently in the future.