April Art Show

Ryan Kalentkowski

For the entire month of April 2023, we will be showcasing the woodcut/ screen print artworks of Ryan Kalentkowski, founder of Sterna Press. Join us for the opening art reception on April 2nd, from 1 to 5 PM.

Ryan Kalentkowski (they/he) is a printer and hand-painter currently living in Middlesex County, Connecticut, USA and holds a BFA from Paier College of Art (2013).

Ryan Kalentkowski’s recent body of work examines personal relationships to birds by way of expressive mark-making through hand-painted woodcut print. The imagery is inspired by observation, interaction and symbolism, as well as their childhood obsession to study, mimic and share space with birds. Figures and movements are exaggerated and abstracted throughout drawing, carving, printing and painting, often honoring areas of imperfection. Through this varied and repetitive process, the birds are forged into reoccurring characters in narrative glimpses. While not explicitly conservationist, this work inherently advocates respect and admiration for wildlife and the environment.

For more info on Ryan and his work, visit sternapress.com.