The Buttonwood Tree


A. If you are a band, solo performer, poet, storyteller, comedian, dancer, or filmmaker, we invite you to apply by sending the following information to

NOTE: Inquiries that do not include all of the following information may not be considered.

  • Name of performer/group/ act
  • Genre
  • Possible dates, or a timeframe in which you would like to perform (please check our calendar)
  • Long bio and/or individual member bios (1 or more paragraphs – the more info the better!)
  • Short description (1 – 2 sentences for our homepage)
  • At least 2 high-quality photos, please no selfies!
  • Links to 2 YouTube videos. Please no IG or FB links
  • All social media links
  • Link to your website, if available, and any other promo materials you may find helpful to us

B. If you would like to RENT our space, or present a class or workshop, please call us at 860 – 347 – 4957.

C. For Visual Artists

The Buttonwood Tree (TBT) offers its gallery wall space to visual artists on a monthly basis, to create an uplifting, inspiring and joyful atmosphere. We encourage our patrons to notice the art during intermission of our events, and the gallery is open during the day for viewing.

Each show is hung at the beginning of the month and taken down at the end of the month, flexible per both the artist’s and TBT’s schedule. Shows are taken down after Saturday night’s show; usually Sunday – Monday. Load ins are Monday – Wednesday, by arrangement with TBT staff. Artists are responsible for the hanging and take down of artwork (except for group shows, such as March’s Women’s show for International Women’s Day). Exceptions may be accommodated, per agreement with TBT staff. Artwork is subject to approval by TBT staff prior to hanging. Placement is at the discretion of TBT staff. A hanging system is in place, so pieces should be wired on the back. (no more than  1/3 way down from the top)

To be considered to have your work displayed  for a monthly exhibit, please send the following info the

  • Contact info: name, phone number

  • Photos of your artwork

  • A brief description of your artwork (type of work it is, materials if appropriate)

  • A brief artist’s statement (in the first person – “I, me, my, our”)

  • Longer bio and description (in the third person – “he, she, they”)

Artwork is preferably offered for sale and all monies are paid directly to TBT. Artists are paid by check at the end of the term after monies are collected. Artists offer a minimum donation to TBT at 25%, stated in contract, at their discretion. Any sales that occur after the show that resulted from this show are subject to the same donation to TBT as well.

TBT offers time and space for a reception at an agreed-upon time. Usually it is 1½ – 2 hours on a weekend day, early evening or early evening during the week. Artists are responsible for the food, beverages except TBT will supply coffee, tea and all cups. Alcoholic beverages are allowed, and at least one non-alcoholic beverage should be offered.

TBT offers marketing assistance and promotes the show in a variety of ways. Artists are encouraged to invite friends and family to the reception and advertise the show.

The Space

The “Front wall” (which is behind the stage) is usually good for 1-3 pieces, depending on size. We don’t like it to be too distracting or busy. There is actually a cement block column that can hold one piece, that’s 32″ wide and is 9 1/2′ from the bar to the floor, with a nail at 28″ below the bar. The main “front” wall has a hanging system that spans 8′ 11″, and is 9′ from the bar to the floor. The side wall is 10′ wide from bar to wall, 7′ height from top bar to bottom bar. Back wall is 6 1/2′ feet wide and about 6′ from bar to top of chairs. Entrance way has a painted space that’s 341/2″ wide by 46″ in height. Entrance way over the white table has a metal bar running down the center of the wall, with 26″ available from the bar to the edge on either side. From the ceiling to the top of the table is about 6′ 4″, with a few nails at various points.

Stage area

Side wall

Back wall

Entrance to performance space